Ministry in practice - some stories of priests called, vocationally, to work outside and beyond the institution

Rather roughly speaking, there are two types of MSEs (ministers in secular employment). The first are those who simply ended up there, and see their parish, its church and its congregation as their main focus. The second group is made up of those who explicitly believed themselves called to serve as a priest in the sphere of (so called) 'secular' work.

As they come my way, I'll post short accounts and biographies here.

Are you an MSE? Would you share your story here? We are looking for ordained women and men, who identify as priests 'in secular work', to contribute material. Following the model of Sunday colour supplement interviews, you are invited to answer these questions. Send your material to Hugh here.

The Questions
(feel free to depart from them or to add to them as you wish, though some consistency across the respondents may be useful)