Continuing ministerial development (CMD)
and MSE/worker-priests

Continuing professional development programmes are common these days across most employed groups, and reflect the need to maintain and develop professional competence beyond initial training. The church has followed this pattern, and every Church of England diocese has some form of provision. However, from a cursory review via the internet, such provision very often seems rather narrowly focused. Common topics include leadership, conflict management, first incumbencies and pre-retirement. In the published material of some diocese it goes little beyond this kind of range; others seem more responsive and adventurous. But the needs of MSE/WPs are not obviously provided for. Nor do programmes appear to be aimed at helping parish-based stipendiary clergy remain alert to wider social realities which impact those to whom they minister.

A few of us are working on sketching out a CMD programme shaped by the needs of priests exercising their ministry in the 'secular' world. Watch this space (and if you are an MSE/WP with suggestions, or interested in collaborating, please do get in touch).

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